Cinesamples – CineSymphony LITE (KONTAKT)

CineSymphony LITE is a complete sketching tool, recorded at world-famous Sony Pictures in Los Angeles and recorded by industry veteran Dennis Sands. CineSymphony LITE covers the basics of all sections of orchestral instruments and provides students and professional composers with a solid starting point in their music soundtrack palette.

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problem. It was designed to be used during its development. It was specifically designed as a travel kit for beginners. It is a composer-friendly way to play.


01 Strings Ensemble Arco LITE
02 Strings Ensemble Pizzicato LITE
03 Brass Ensemble LITE
04 Woodwind Ensemble LITE
05 Timpani LITE
06 Percussion LITE


If you’re trying to find a program, you’ll like to harmonize, legitos, and others. , mutes, trills, etc. The LITE percussion patches provided are a full-line can offer.


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