Big Fish Audio – Ancient World Instruments of Antiquity (KONTAKT)

Big Fish Audio and Funk / Soul Productions is proud to present you with “Ancient World: Instruments of Antiquity”. Ancient World is an exciting journey to the origins of musical sound. All the most important tools of antiquity were first carefully selected.

Master Lute, a collection of ancient Greek instruments of Nikolaos Brass, is the basis of Ancient World. Brass dedicated his life to researching and recreating ancient musical instruments using the same methods and materials that were used in the past. Some of the tools, such as Syntonon and Copperphone, are extremely rare, there are only two or three in the world! The multisampling of these beautiful instruments represents a wide range of implementations of String, Wind and Percussion.

All performance techniques were carefully selected. For example, stringed instruments have such articulations as plucked, with and without vibrato, harmonics, plectrum, tremolo, arpeggios, glissandos, slides, and more. In some cases, up to thirty samples are recorded per note.



• Kithara
• the Three unique Lyras
• Pandoura
• Phorminx
• Samvyke
• Syntonon
• Triangle (Harp)
• Varvitos


• Diaulos
• Flogera
• Kavali
• Mantoura
• of Ney
• the Pan Flute
• Pastoral Flute


• of Antique Cymbals
• bendir
• Clay is Pot
• Copperphone (Chalkeophonon)
• Crotala
• Formiskoi
• Fruit Shells
• Seistron
• Sleigh Bells
• Small Cymbals
• Square Drum
• Tambourine
• Water Pumpkins

Nearly 4GB of Content

• 32 multi-sampled instruments
• 146 unique patches
• Over 400 looped and tempo-syncing performances
• User-friendly interface
• NKS Compatible
• Comes with Kontakt 5 Player
• Created in Kontakt 5.8.1


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