Audio Imperia – Cerberus (KONTAKT) Part 1-2

Cerberus – Cinematic & Epic Drums by AUDIO IMPERIA is an innovative drum library with a wide range of options that takes you from an individual cinematic drum set to an epic ensemble.

You can turn the strong drummer drummer we used during the sessions (which was the name of the library) into an army of players ready to crush everything that stands in their way. To make the library even more flexible, we recorded an individual drum set with cymbals, as well as the thundering ensemble Gran Cassa.

CERBERUS features a signature percussion mapping script. You can focus on what’s most important: making music.

It is a trio we used during the sessions.

Cerberus offers the following:

• Drum Ensembles (Gran Cassas, Kick Drums, Low Toms, Mid Toms, High Toms, Snares, Clacks, Clicks)
• Loops
• Drum Kit / w cymbals
• Sound Design (Tonal Hits / Atonal SFX / Tonal Atmos / Atonal Atmos)
• 7 microphone positions (regular patches): Tob Condenser, Top Dynamic, Bottom Condenser, Mid / Side, Decca, Wide, Far.
• 3 mix mic positions (processed patches): Close, Far, Reverb.
• True Stacking Engine, recorded the round robin samples.
• Customizable Midi Mapping.
• Signature Dual Layer FX Page Kontakt Engine.
• Recorded on the same stage as JAEGER.

The Extras section was created by our very own, using only the original source material.

“It is impressively punchy, easily customizable, instantly playable and easy to use.” ” Michal Cielecki – Composer


• High definition audio quality
• 13.3 GB installed
• 7 microphone positions for the regular patches & 3 mix mic positions for the processed patches
• Sound Effects and Loops using nothing but the original source material
• Custom Kontakt Engine with signature master control knob
• True Stacking Engine, for we recorded additional round robin samples.


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