Wave Alchemy – Drumvolution (KONTAKT)

Reimagined drum engine for a modern producer …
Imagine That you have instant access to the most promising library of drum sounds and sound design tools ever created. Imagine that you can intuitively create layers, dynamically view and modulate each layer independently using powerful macros and a modular sequence of Step-lock parameters. Imagine a new way of creating … Drumvolution – the programming of drums has evolved.

Drumvolution is an advanced, truly modern drum engine, equipped with the latest library of more than 28,000 electronic drums and sound design instruments. With a sleek design and unprecedented creative workflow, Drumvolution provides an intuitive drum imposition and browser engine, X + Y pad, extensive modular macrosystem, parameter lock effects, polyrhythmic sequencing, extensive sound design options, and over 400 beautifully designed presets. Drumvolution does not focus on emulation – it’s about creating new, fantastic drum sounds that push the boundaries of what was previously possible … This is the development of drum programming …

• Available in Standalone, VST, AU and AAX instrument formats. Drumvolution is powered by FREE Kontakt Player from • Native Instruments. Full version of the
design of the
car is a modern design and a beautifully crafted, forward-thinking design. sound designers
• 3
Instruments – Tape 1, Tape 2, Tape 3, and Tape 3 , each fully responsive • Powerful Drum Layering Engines for each voice responsively . Recorded to a vintage Studer A80 tape machine
• Blend, transform and morph between Layers using the impressive visual X + Y Pad screen
• Graphically dynamic sound browser and visual display
• Seamless integration with your DAW
• Extensive modular Macro System with 42 destinations
• Expressive 32-step multi-track Note Sequencer with
Individual Zoom lanes •
Modular step-lock Parameter / FX Sequencing, per Voice
• Ableton Live & Push integration
• Dynamic Analog Simulation control system. Available, per Layer, per Voice
Play sequence DA
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The impulses custom reverb -end recorded occurs sough from the after-gear
• Breath-taking high quality suite of the filters, EQs and-transient Shapers – each available Independently, The per the Drum Voice, with the dynamic routing
• Individual Accent and the Drum of Global Accent The per step
• The per the Timing slop Sequence Step – Apply subtle (or intense) •
• Multi-function support
• Realistic, stunning, and dynamic 3D GUI
• the Host automation support for all of Drumvolution’s Macros
• the MIDI CC control over by important parameters The
• the Advanced key commands The and time-saving editing shortcuts
• NKS the Ready – of Total integration with Komplete the S-the Series keyboards and Maschine the Hardware
• the Dedicated 12-track Mixer with individual processing and Dynamics, volume control, pan and effects Sends for each the Drum Voice
• to Master Master processing module featuring the high-end the compression, the master the EQ and tape simulation
• the DAW presets for of Ableton Live
• Supports the Mac OS the X 10.11 (or higher) and the Windows 7 or higher
• Mac OS X (64-bit only)
• Windows (32/64-bit)
• 4.6 GB in size after unpacking


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