Channel Robot – Atmosia (KONTAKT)

Atmosia is a unique way to create drone sounds using our 4-voice playback engine Recoil. Atmosia includes a set of 50 specially developed sources of unmanned aerial vehicles, created to create long-developing texture sound landscapes. The sounds are carefully structured so that they can be used in a melodic context – they are much larger than ordinary single-note drones.

The powerful Atmosia 4-voice engine offers you creative and creative power, allowing you to use 8 different sounds in the final playback:

Choose any combination of voices (including repeating the same voice, but with modified settings for phase shift and beat), after which each The voice passes through a standard channel, each with its own envelope, tremolo and vibrato modules.

In parallel, voices pass through our unique motors of excitation and resonator in the style of physical modeling, where you can determine the excitation patterns and speed, attack, release and length, as well as determine the re-tone sequence.


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