unEarthed Sampling – The Bosque Piano (KONTAKT)

Bosque Piano – very an old piano that we found in a 100-year-old college audience found in Bosque County, Texas. Both the space itself and the piano had such amazing tones that they simply asked for sampling, which we did.
This library contains multi-sampled long, multisample short (hard and soft) and many cinematic phrases and accents that compose scores, such as Jerry Goldsmith and David Shire, from the late 1960s and 1970s.
To make working with DAW as easy as possible, the tool takes up a very small area and contains only four of the above patches to make them user-friendly, useful, instantly inspiring and as simple as possible.


of As of The Bosque the Piano WAS recorded occurs Within the IT hall resides with a pair of high quality stereo mics from the middle of the room IT has a very unique tone.
This is a recession of the reverb to the scoring games and films.
It is a phrase that has been found not to be found.


has been added that it has been a long delay.
It is not only a competition. possible for those of you on a budget.

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