The Foundry Nuke Studio 11.3v1 x64

NUKE and NUKEX provide all the tools you need to get the visual result you want while retaining the power and flexibility to solve the harder technical production challenges. Backed by a large, global pool of trained talent NUKE and NUKEX are driving forward industry standards and workflow, delivering measurable results in any visual effects business.

Here are some key features of “NUKE and NUKEX”:
– Multi-channel workflow
– Nodal toolset
– 3D Workspace
– Multi-threaded, scanline-based rendering engine
– Up to 1023 32-bit float colour channels with linear workflow
– Python Scripting and integrated script editor
– Industry standard OFX support, giving access to a large array of after market plug-ins
– Available on Windows®, Linux®, Mac OS X®
– Stereoscopic workflow
– OpenColorIO
– OCULA Plug-In support
– Deep image compositing toolset
– Relighting workflow
– Speed
– Powerful
– Customise
– User Presets
– Choice
– Production Proven
– Performance
– UDIM functionality
– RAM Playback Cache
– 2D Tracker
– Bookmark Feature
– Alembic
– 3D Camera Tracker
– 3D Particles
– Planar Tracker
– Denoise
– GPU Acceleration
– ModelBuilder
– Lens Distortion Tools
– Modelling and point cloud generation
– PIXAR RenderMan Pro Server Support
– Assist for NUKEX

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