Sonokinetic – Gediz v1.3 NKS UPDATE (KONTAKT)

Would you like to be near high quality ethnic vocalist? Need quick and easy inspiration for your tracks?
We are proud to be looking for those talented artists who can lift the path of any composer to greatness. With Gediz, we did it again and present you with beautiful Turkish vocals from an inspiring singer who absorbed the rich musical traditions of his culture.
So, if you do not have the time and money to find a performer who is truly the best of the best, then the Sonokinetic vocal line can certainly help you.
With “Gediz” we continue the path we started all these years ago with “Tigris and Euphrates”. Since then, our premium ethnic vocal range has spawned several very special instruments, filled with stunning vocal performances.
Hediz Koroglu is a terrific vocalist with a unique voice and style of singing. We could not help but feel goose bumps during these unusual sessions in Istanbul, which is why we are so glad that we finally turned these special recordings into a product. Gediz recorded improvisations in 4 tonalities and in 2 tempos, as well as in 4 different “themes”. As a bonus, he recorded two ancient songs that you can use in your compositions, also at two tempos, but because of the fixed range of the song, only in two different keys.

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