Fuse Audio Labs – Bundle 2018.12 CE-VR 1.0 – 1.3 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

A set of plug-ins:

VQA-154 v1.0 AMERICAN VINTAGE EQ – re-creation of ADM 1540, a popular 4-band equalizer of the 70s, which made its way into many broadcasting and production studios around the world. This is a very versatile and easy-to-use equalizer that provides a cool and pleasant sounding color that always sounds musical.

DRUMSSSX v1.0.1 DrumsSSX is an abbreviation for Source Separator and Re-mixer. This all-in-one solution, which is designed to separate sound mono or stereo drum recordings into their components so that they can be mixed individually when there is no multi-track signal. DrumsSSX opens up a world of possibilities for remixing and processing, which cannot be achieved with ordinary instruments such as equalizers, compressors, transient drivers, or even multi-band processors.

VCL-25A v1.1.0 Vintage Vari-MU Leveler – a virtual simulator of a rare leveler of the 50s.

VCL-373 v1.3.0 Vintage Comp / Limiter is a virtual simulator of a rare limiter compressor of the early 60s, which was present in many master studios.

F-59 v1.3.0 Classic Guitar Amp – a re-creation of the classic era of ’58 – ’60, which defined the course for decades of guitar amp technology. Offering a wide range of tones, the plugin tries to stay true to the original fluids by adding convenient features to the digital realm.

TCS-68 v1.3.0 Cassette Tape Channel is a virtual simulator of an eight-track cassette.

TCS-68 includes accurate emulation of the preamp, tape system and equalizer. The original analog unit consisted of a powerful 10-channel mixer, which included simple 3-band equalizers, microphone and line inputs, as well as inserts for each channel, an 8-track recorder with an improved noise reduction system and a well-adjusted measuring bridge.

Bucket-500 v1.3.0 Analog Delay – is an authentic BBD-based analog delay circuit emulation. The company added some features to the digital view, including stereo feed, LFO and control flexibility. They also extended the initial time range to 10 … 1000ms and enabled the host tempo sync setting.

VCL-4 v1.3.0 Vintage Opto Leveler – is a thorough emulation of an optical compressor, produced in the 60s of the twentieth century. Each individual node of the original device is emulated. The processor has a very musical program-dependent compression characteristic, which is perfectly suitable for processing any audio material.

VPRE-376 v1.0 Vintage Preamp – Fuse Audio Labs have released a very accurate emulation of the Telefunken V376 Preamp preamp. The plugin completely recreates the work of all components of the original and easily decorate any audio signal.

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